Your coaching tools and resources

Use these free resources in conjuntion with coaching sessions, or on your own as part of coaching “light“.


Start sorting yourself out now by considering these seven questions.

Weekly IT Planner

Stop those Urgent Things getting in the way of your Important Things (IT).

Monthly Achievement Tracker

Keep a record of how much you’ve already achieved with this monthly tracker.

3-Month Progress Chart

Nothing motivates like seeing yourself progress on this trimester chart.

Recommended reads

Why pay for coaching when there is already a wealth of books out there that are full of great ideas and advice? Here are just a few of my personal recommendations.

Getting things done

By David Allen

If being somewhat disorganised is causing you problems then this is the book for you. David Allen, one of the top productivity gurus, explains in a detailed, no nonsense manner how to get you and all your paperwork sorted in this classic productivity manual.

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Authentic happiness

By Martin Seligman

If you are trying to find a happy and fulfilling life then this is the book for you. Martin Seligman, founder of positive psychology, offers a powerful message of hope for millions who long for a deeply satisfying life. This book is full of practical advice to help you discover your strengths regarding love, friendship, work and parenting.

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Your brain at work

By David Rock

If you feel stressed, mentally overloaded and ‘fuzzy’ at work then this is the book for you. David Rock, world famous consultant and leadership coach, will improve how you think and work— by showing you how your brain thinks and works!

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Feel the fear and do it anyway

By Susan Jeffers

If you find that your life is being limited by anxiety and fear, this is the book for you. Whether your fear relates to work or relationships, Susan Jeffers shows you how to accept and push through it, rather than see it as a barrier to success.

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The happiness hypothesis

By Jonathan Haidt

If you are feeling a bit philosophical about life then this book is for you.Psychologist Jonathan Haidt explores the meaning of life and how we should live it, drawing both on the wisdom of the great thinkers and on the insights of modern science.

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Coach yourself to success

By Talane Miedaner

If you’re looking for something more general in the field of personal coaching then this is the book for you. Talane Miedaner, a leading life coach, sets out 101 effective tips to help you focus on those truly important things and improve your quality of living.

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