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Coaching is very much a one-to-one process. However there are some areas where powerful results can be achieved in a group setting.

The USSB Model


How to align your thoughts and behaviours to become more effective

Do you find that too often what you want to do and what you actually do don’t coincide? Do your thoughts and behaviours seem to be incompatible? These differences can cause stress, frustration and reduce your self-esteem. In this workshop you will learn about the USSB model. USSB explains how to understand the way your mind works and so allows you to control your thoughts better in a way which is easy to understand (you don’t need psychology training), fun (it’s something you will want to share with your friends and family), and so easy to remember that it will stay with you for the rest of your life.This model is especially useful when dealing with behavioural problems associated with:

  • Motivation

  • Perseverance

  • Bad habits

  • Lack of willpower

What’s more, this model is not only useful for work related problems but can also be applied to any part of your life where you need to think clearly.

The Sorites Method


How to harness the power of insignificant change to achieve almost anything

How often have you started out to achieve a new goal but have given up before reaching it? How often have you made a New Year’s resolution only to have surrendered to temptation after a few weeks? In this workshop we look at how to harness the power of insignificant change to achieve what until now has been unachievable. Using three simple steps you will begin to see how you can start to set yourself objectives and reach them that you previously thought were beyond you. We will be especially looking at subjects such as:

  • The Pieces of the Puzzle

  • The Power of Habit and Passion

  • The Perception of Progress

  • Prizes and Punishment

After this workshop you’ll want to rush out and start setting yourself powerful new goals straight away!

Stand and Deliver!


How to improve your public speaking and presentation skills

Do you find public speaking a nerve-wracking ordeal? Do you find excuses not to give presentations to a group? Are you one of the many who find their mind goes blank when put in front of an audience? In this workshop we will look at some of the basic skills, tricks and techniques of public speaking and learn (and practice) the five golden pillars:

  • Personal Connections

  • Purpose

  • Pace

  • Passion

  • Practice

While other public speaking workshops just focus on the physicality of giving presentations, we will be looking at what makes an audience tick and how your thoughts and behaviours can be honed to optimise communication.

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